“Charles Benz has been a most helpful coach and counselor in dealing with issues of deep negative beliefs so I could mold new positive values about myself. He has a comprehensive psychological approach that involves delving into the complexity and uniqueness of an individual’s personality. He assigns homework between sessions that involve introspection and meditation. He demonstrates the proper way to meditate and to soothe oneself. I have found Mr. Benz most helpful in dealing with deep and long-term issues that have held me back from positive life growth.”

James T.J.
Chapel Hill, NC

“I enjoyed working with Charles as I decided what was next for my career. He brings a wealth of experience, provides thoughtful insights challenging me to reflect deeply on my life experiences which resulted in securing my next opportunity.”

Louis E.
Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Executive Director 

“Charles is a very knowledgeable, compassionate man with an extraordinary background that merges in his coaching. He helps people to make that “Shift” to their inner thoughts about what they intend to create and attract into their lives. Anyone who works with Charles really enhances their lives.”

Barbara Nersesian
Tucson, AZ

“Congratulation Charles! You have a deep coaching presence and a strong curiosity that comes through all your coaching. Your humor and fantastic listening skills set a foundation for trust in each coaching session. You use your intuition to inform your powerful questioning. You allow your clients to take the lead, find their own answers, clarify their goals and design actions successfully. Wonderful job!”

Jamee Tenzer
PCC, International Coach Academy, Melbourne, Australia

“The minute I heard Charles’s voice, I was at ease and there was trust. It was also immediately noticeable for me that Charles has a good deal of life experience and wisdom.

“Charles’s ability to offer new perspectives stood out for me. Discovering a new perspective was also about how to live the new perspective. Through powerful metaphors and powerful questions Charles established invaluable insights that are going to be of consequence during the remainder of my life. Charles, I am grateful beyond words.”

Roland Guijt
Leersum, The Netherlands

“Charles, you are not only born for this work but you are a natural at it. You listened to me well and you guided our dialogue in a kind and practical way so that I feel/know that our sessions of coaching were entirely worthwhile to me.

“Thank you very much for your fine coaching. I have already seen a difference both in how I behave and in how people regard me in my personal life and in my work”

Linda Hobson
Durham, NC

“Charles explained the coaching process and in every session asked questions that allowed me to become more enlightened concerning my career and personal life. He did not try to give me solutions but instead led me toward paths that were right for me. Due to the shortened time frame we have moved quickly and Charles was still able to adjust the discussions according to my progress. He has done an excellent job.”

Peggy Johnson
Durham, NC

“I am in gratitude for having this coaching experience. Prior to having the coaching, I was more pessimistic. But since there was always follow through each week regarding being more positive and what actions can be taken it was easier to focus.

“I saw how Charles utilized the coaching tools that proved to be effective to me. It was a turning point for my life. I recognize and acknowledge Charles for trusting me and not just feeding me with advice. I had a lot of self discovery and for this I am forever grateful to my coach and the whole coaching process.”

Anna F.
Baltimore, MD

“Charles did amazing things to get me to think ‘outside the box’ to help me recognize the existence of several thought patterns and paradigms in my psyche that I did not know existed in my life: personal and professional. Some are good, some are bad, and some are indifferent, but ALL of them tend to place artificial constraints on the options I see when deciding how to act or what to do. Charles then aided me in replacing those thought patterns and paradigms with alternatives that I learned to practice quickly. The difference is like night and day!”

Jonathan Bitner
PCP, Durham, NC

“Coaching with Chas has made a huge difference in my life. I\’ve gained traction in doing the things I want, focus about what those things are, and confidence in going and getting them, including two job offers! By helping me examine and replace old, untrue, and negative beliefs about myself and life with ones based in reality and possibility, I am now confident that I can achieve what I had hoped, and am now actually in the process of getting! The progress has been clear and palpable. Thanks Chas!”

Ian Kleinfeld
Durham, NC

“Charles guided me through developing a vision for the next phase of my life. He provided me with useful tools that included guided visualizations, a new meditation approach, and a fresh perspective to deal with some old issues. Charles guided me through a process that allowed me to access my inner wisdom and for that I am very grateful.”

Barbara P
Carrboro, NC