Consciousness coaching is:

REFRAMING YOUR PICTURE: How you see the images of your life stage and yourself on it deeply affects how you live your life. Examine your beliefs as images and revise them consciously, as you choose, with guided insight gathered from coaching’s context.  Then create new practical goals and step toward them.  Powerful!  Special “Belief Closet” coaching is available.

A CREATIVE COLLOBORATION: An open-ended, non-judgmental partnership for the client’s empowerment and benefit.

ORGANIC AND HOLISTIC: Coaching addresses the whole person through any area of his or her life and can see how the transformed part affects the whole.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY POSITIVE: We always draw on your strengths to create goals and a focus that enables you to transcend the present state of your life into a more satisfying and empowered one.

WITHIN YOUR QUESTIONS LIE YOUR ANSWERS: “What you do is derived from who you are.” This is at the core of coaching. My intent with each client is to create an experience of coaching that integrates their beliefs, values and behavior, and leads to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

LISTENING TO WHAT OUR QUESTIONS ASK OF US: Coaching is a joint effort of seeking awareness around what it is that “wants to shift in you,” and then stepping into that new reality in practical ways.  No two sessions or outcomes are alike.

ACCESSING UNIVERSAL TRUTHS: Coaching is a practice of entering into the core of all Wisdom traditions.  Guided meditations may be offered to clients.  This transcendent imaginative dimension in coaching is practiced in ways each client discovers for themselves.  It is your spiritual journey.  It’s fun, playful and liberating.

SUCCESSFUL AND VERIFIABLE: The proof of coaching’s value is in new behavior based on new Beliefs.  Beliefs are the core of our experience.  New experiences verify actively created new beliefs.

CREATIVE AND INSPIRED: I practice a model of coaching of an open-ended methodology.  It has no foregone conclusions or agenda except to empower what benefits you, the client,  mindfully, in a more aware consciousness towards a practical purpose.

GROUNDING & DOWN TO EARTH: A competent coach is a grounding agent joining with another person to create a current that flows into them that is always positive, life-giving, life affirming, self-loving,  and honors others’ positive interests as well.

OPENING TO WISDOM: Core wisdom is that which observes certain laws in the universe meant to produce freedom and responsibility in the struggle to be authentically human.   Innate powers motivate our evolution and human development.  We call it Trusted Source.   Our coaching’s aim is to cultivate your ability to tap into Wisdom, as you choose to access it, without trying to define it.  Mindfulness unifies us with this source and each other.

SACRED WORK: It’s the most important and most enjoyable thing I do, to further empower each person’s responsibility to their birthright to fulfill their unique character and calling.  I coach through my skill set, my 300+ hours of training,  a chest of tools, intuition and my Trusted Source.

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