Spirituality in Evolution

We are the species homo religius that the Kosmos brought to Life through Earth. As our conscious minds evolved, so did what we call ‘spirituality,’ or ‘consciousness.’ Growth of mind in our reflective consciousness has always reflected reality, and changed it, in stages, eons, epochs, and eras .. all the way to the present, always tugged by the future. Roughly within the Boomers births period our epoch includes the opportunity for unprecedented transcendence into our very own True Self(ves.)

Over millennia our brain software eventually becomes our brain hardware. Our earliest hominid ancestors created rite and ritual through their shamans. In succession Homo sapien sapien minds developed magic and myth levels of mind ‘on top of’ what preceded. Then unprecedented modern holistic and and postmodern integral consciousness/spirituality became a new stage, even in our life times. This has been happening since the Enlightenment and the rise of Science resulting in conventional and traditional forms of creed and religion became steadily less and less popular. Some religions adapted, “revived’ themselves or became more and more rigid as they sought to maintain their core beliefs and social values. Cults occurred too, claiming special keys of knowledge. and lots of people “threw the baby out {interior spirituality) with the bath water (exterior religion.)

Today this late stage of evolution translates into vast numbers of people searching and shifting again. “Spiritual not religious people” are globally in transition in the last 60 years like never ever before. The prior generations of evolutionary prepared for this diversity and complexity that has flowered in our human consciousness. Now this monumental transition is unsettling to say the least.

All this change so rapidly is disruptive. “The only thing constant is change” naturally creates confusion, especially because religious or spiritual beliefs seek practical and creative forms of expression. Knowing the preceding stages, or levels of consciousness, that make up our minds helps us recognize and embrace the next new one occurring now. We include but transcend the former in the way evolution has always operated.

This is the world view of life coaching and therapy here for those who may struggling in this confusing and very big transition. Beauty, Goodness and Truth still are in each of us. Life coaching therapy here gives the means and the choice for each of us to do the sorting out .. to our smiles and our purpose in life.

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