Spirituality as Consciousness

Welcome to “Spiritual Not Religious” coaching and therapy.  The focus here is finally on what makes you smile, what makes you genuinely authentically happy.  My calling is to support the objectives in your life as you pursue these common universal goals in our diverse ways. 

“Easier said than done however,” as the saying goes.  But that IS the singular goal of my work with you, any person (or couple) with whom I work as a life coach, counselor and therapist. {see my ‘Services’}

It is important to note that I’m using “Spirituality” and “Consciousness more or less interchangeably.  But they are not necessarily synonymous.  Let me explain.  Both are big words with very big meanings, one traditional, one very modern. They both hold different meanings and nuance of meanings.  Indeed they can mean almost anything to anyone, like the word “love” or . One has a much longer history than the other.  So it is better if I provide a definition for my purposes here as a spiritual therapy coach.

“Spirituality” is most broadly associated with religion, religion as it is identified down through the ages in every culture on the planet in every period of history.  That means from the most primitive humans who saw the mysterious unexplainable in everything from trees to rocks, mountains to winds and animals to tribal humans who now had shamans, individuals male or female who interpreted those powers in nature, learned how to invoke those powers, then ‘managed’ those powers to heal, protect or bring benefit to their fellow tribespeople, created rite and ritual and used extensive herbal knowledge, (entheogens, ‘magic mushrooms,’ ergot in potions, etc ), then evolved to a hierarchy of more organized social systems wherein the shamans now served the princes and kings in roles as ‘priest,’ ever-more sophisticated cultic,organized and institutionalized forms of religion as they are commonly thought of by you and me today. Each of these steps or stages took thousand of years.  Their development was similar in these levels of sophistication or in their broad congruity throughout humankind’s long history from 500 to 250,000 years ago to the present.  Call them epochs of human development, the evolution of the mind.. or spirituality or consciousness.  This came to include what we moderns think of as religion, philosophy and psychology, .. or “Spirituality,” the traditional term, “Consciousness,” the more modern  term.  Whether our use is traditional and conventional or modern and sophisticated these terms generally refer to the answer to the question, “WHAT ARE HUMANS?”  Not WHO, .. WHAT? 

So in any case here a ‘spiritual therapy coach’ is speaking to all humans as a species, “homo religius,” or beings of consciousness.  It is the question and the answer to “how do I see and relate to the world, myself and others’ by a definition that applies to all of us, be it Then or Now, .. today or in the hoary dim past. So the two terms become interchangeable as background to how I work with people who consider themselves “spiritual not religious.” They are people who want to know more of what that means to them and how can they manage their lives, their concerns or worries, their happiness and smiles.   “How can I be a better person” is for these people important and superceding their daily existence. 

Indeed the issue becomes a transcendent one, a Spiritual one, one about Consciusness.  “How have I become the person I am, how do I manage the person I want to be going forward.” And ‘transcendence’ is another word for what raise these question and terms in the first place.  Transcendence is the word for the part of being human that recognizes those “power” that  exist both within us and without us.  That is the “kettle of fish” which we are about here at www.spiritualtherapycoach. com

Both the potential and the blocks or impediments to reaching that goal is the purpose of my aid and service to others, my vocation of spiritual therapy coaching to you.  It is our evolutionary task as Being of the Universe, not just as earthlings.  But as earthlings it always was, and always will be our task, our meaning, and our ongoing search for both as we continue to process or live our lives, individually and collectively.  That is my humble opinion.

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