Soul Work

‘Soul’ or ‘pneuma’ (breath) has a very long history of meaning in literary and religious contexts, East and West. What I mean by ‘soul’ is the dynamic indefinable place within our Selves that we experience as a mysterious containing energy that amkes meaning for us!. It is the palce of conjunction, of meeting between our interior and exteriors worlds, our individual and our collective sleeves. I experience ‘my soul’ as “I” and “Me,” in moments of Beauty, Truth and Goodness. Each of us is a unique singular soulful being .. even as every leaf on every tree is unique.

Your soul is welcome here. It is here we work in the soul’s ecology, that sacred space or environment in which we can locate the sacred ‘Self,’ mine and yours. Soul may be felt in any sort of reflective moment.. in our relationships, purposefulness, creativity, ‘mountain top experiences,’ pains and sorrows, will, courage and bravery, etc.

As fractured and broken as they are, complex and diverse.. the times we live in hold great potential for us in our spiritual journey. The work to be done for ourselves, here in that environment, is healing and knowing, reflective and intentional.

A safe setting for that is what I create for my clients. I call it the ‘Inner Room.’ That setting is created for your support and guidance.. and to do your consciousness work efficiently and well. Your Inner Room will be a new interior home, a sacred sanctuary of insight and intuition, perhaps a depth and breadth you’ve never known before. 

The therapy is a loving kindness for yourself that you can sustain as long as you like, a gift of new skills I train you to practice. It is sometimes called “Shadow Work.”

“The currency of heaven is gratitude.” A generous supply is available here for you, enough for many new smiles, new happiness and new purpose in your new awakened consciousness.

I believe the health of the soul is accessible in the accumulation of our every day journey. This includes deep memories, the life of the subconscious, and the exchange of chosen beliefs for those that hurt us or are n o longer of any benefit to us.

I’m Charles Benz, an ordained priest (formerly Episcopalian) transformed in 2009-10 into an Integral shamanic priest (a higher states mediator and guide) and certified international life coach. Welcome!

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