Integrated Services

These services all integrate in my coaching according to your needs and goals.


My coaching operates on the philosophy that “your own answers are within you.” Based in the science of Positive Psychology, it operates chiefly on guided Self-directed questions to produce fresh perspectives and new personal commitments with measurable benefits.

Life Coaching can remove ‘mental blocks’ or negative beliefs of the past and replace them with positive new ones. Guided meditation and training may be offered. Mine includes shadow work and is integrative thru out. My Life Coaching produces spiritual self-awareness, happiness and contentment, purpose and motivation, even new worldviews. My Coaching is life supporting and sustainable so you may coach yourself in the future.

By clarifying and illuminating their interior or exterior strengths the focus of a professional Life Coach is on his/her client’s achieving their positive goals. Clients develop their own goals and take measurable steps to their attainment, enhancing their self awareness.


This dimension of my work makes reference to a shared context of knowledge with my clients. “I’m spiritual but not religious” in your particular experience and values can open up a very wide body of tradition and knowledge that we may explore. Whether conscious or unconscious our path of development includes family upbringing, exposure to religious traditions probably, conventional and unconventional spirituality, and influences of contemporary philosophy, social ethics and morality and community .. in total one’s “worldview.”

Once our connection is made your goal to create sustainable change may be assisted by the particular knowledge in my background and experience. My counselling may include deeper understanding of what we discover together.

The purpose of counseling is always to deepen and widen one’s insight and understanding of one’s own beliefs or belief system so that your decisions on how to reach your goals are clear and doable in steps you choose. You will see opportunities for growth and personal development that both motivate and give you new ways to measure your success in the coaching work we do together.

“Consciousness” as spirituality in the widest sense can lead us in many directions. All of it can become integral in your life style. Being “Spiritual not religious” will have new substance and meaning for you in your world that you can maintain and use to your greater purpose and happiness. More smiles! More gratitude!!


We may want a change in life direction for many reasons. Messages or images from any stage of our life may no longer serve us as they once did. Negative thoughts and feelings may become blocks, real impediments to our happiness, reaching our goals, fulfillment. Therapy is applying tools that root out old or unwanted beliefs and replacing them consciously.


Your career is a spiritual issue too, related to your achievements to date, passion(s), values and motivated skills, sometimes called a “vocation.” I have very special training and experience from the former biggest, oldest, best career consulting firm in the country to offer you too. This includes a step-by-step job hunting campaign. Please inquire of me for my support in this arena also.

Sanscrit Kirtan Mantra
Peace is within us,
sorrow outside us
Why do I struggle so?
May love guide me,
all the way in
To the Infinite Bliss of my Soul.
Om Namah Shivaya
When the mind wanders far
from what is True,
Then there is a choice:
To do nothing and
suffer the consequence
Or find the quiet Inner Voice.
Om Namah Shivaya
Doubting, striving,
struggling mightily,
Resisting the Flow,
Changes with listing,
softening, opening,
Revealing the Goal.
Om Namah Shivaya
Without looking deeply,
there is no clarity,
Only confusion,
So I make the time,
to dive inside my Self
To be with the Radiant One