The Integral ‘Us’

God, Spirit, Oneness, Emptiness, the Ground of Being .. these are among many names is this ‘bigger’ deeper wider emergent awareness we call Consciousness. To discover the elements of irreducible Truth, Beauty and Goodness in Consciousness is what it means to be “spiritual but not religious“ at its core.  The discovery of your Consciousness, like mine, is its potential to make things happen.

By action, thought, feeling, reflection, contemplation, meditation, we learn. What we learn is what we become, here in my coaching and counseling or therapy for you. Our intentions and our different lines of intelligence, by our individual and collective will,.. what we know.. becomes what we do.

In love, career and all our pastimes we contribute or we detract from this Spirit or Consciousness potential. To ask questions like this is “to be spiritual.“ It is this reflection, this ability to ponder and weigh, that makes us the unique species that we are, homo religius.

The energy of reflection, interpretation and connection, the essence of our brain functions, is the origin and end of our species, our highest meaning and greatest purpose, whether with our awareness or not. It is your own relationship to the divine within you and without you.  Articulate knowledge of this Consciousness can be life changing.

Spirit lives in spite of your acknowledgement, with our cooperation, in collaboration, or not. Spirit emerges or unfolds; it is meant for our acknowledgment, affirmation, accolade, applause, and acceptance. These are the benefits of spiritual coaching and therapy, in smiles and gratitude.

We may diverge from Spirit or converge with it; it is emergent evolution itself regardless in the long arc of history and our personal stories in parallel.

The more you know of this dimension of yourself is to find the energy to evolve personally and in the collective, in our interiors and exteriors. With this knowledge, energy, and motivation your greatest potential moves from “your heart and mind into your hands” via my life coaching you .. regarding the things you do, want and desire. 

Spirit hold the great paradox of love, the Eros and Apape of your existence and mine, from matter to body, mind, soul and spirit, as in yours as in mine.  God, Oneness, Spirit means we are never as singular as we think we are. This is why every family, tribe, group, community, every organization, every nation state citizenry, every institution and system and the globe contributes to what we are as we contribute to what it is. This is the Integral insight, perspective or worldview which I practice

But the whole {of me, you} is not the sum of it. Indeed the transcendent truth is that “we are greater than the sum of the whole of its parts.” Our individual selves is not the whole story. Each whole is a part of the next larger whole, ad infinitum, all the way up and all the way down. This is what Integral Theory calls “holons,” whole/parts. This “bigger picture,” of Integral always leads us into the greater truth, goodness, and beauty, our first, second and third persons in any context, in every context.

We are integral beings, from earth to Kosmos, in our every step every day. Realizing this, embracing and acting in this awareness is one way to think what it means to be “spiritual not religious.” Life coaching can make all the difference.

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