Meditation Practice

Meditation furthers our awareness and Consciousness to move us toward any goal or intention. My coaching integrates meditation, directly and/or indirectly throughout our work together.

Whatever spirituality means to you.. learn how to meditate, is my recommendation.. practice self aware mindfulness.  The meditation practice in which I coach you will connect you to guiltless Unity/Oneness, your authentic self in wisdom, ease, focus and calm, .. and lead to fulfilling your intentions and goals.   

  • Learn how to meditate, simply and practically!  Meditation is the key to higher consciousness and all religious faiths.
  • Practice mindful living at work or home.  Develop a deep trust in your own intuition and Inner Voice.
  • For deeper relationships: discover through meditation and counseling the masculine/feminine model of yours and your partner’s energy.
  • Identify your Trusted Source, your Divinity, and its way of revelation to you.
  • Yoga as a way of preventative health and meditation practice
  •  I am a trained “Belief Closet” practitioner.  You can replace negative or outlived beliefs through a Gestalt meditation method.
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