How Are you “Spiritual?”

“Spiritual, not religious” is the way people describe themselves when they have eschewed or dropped out of a religious tradition, ie. a church affiliation, a denominational education or upbringing. In my estimation 90% of Americans have this as part of their growing up, their developmental history. So it is part of their path; and the part they recognise when they say, “I am spiritual but not religious” is that part. We know it means something; we’re just not sure what it is that it means.

And yet “it’s Ok to be spiritual” is what my haircutter young lady told me recently, a young woman about 30 years old. So I told her my background and gave her my card. On another occasion I had a long conversation with a senior lady who is about 70 years old. She talks about her parents and siblings from the Fifties and Sixties growing up. The family was Irish Roman Catholic. And she is very aware of how this ancestry has had effect on her and her relationships, family and otherwise.

Each example tells us if we are doing the work of reflecting on ourselves with a sense of care and concern. We may find a way to deal with our previous experiences that somehow we sense is “Spiritual.” “Spiritual” includes both how we see ourselves, others, relationships, and our characters or personalities as both marvelous and imperfect or flawed. How do I deal with my worries, my fears, my self image or identity, bad or good feelings about myself, and how I interact with other, my job, society and the world.

Sorting all thse factors of life can be complicated. It promises reward but the challenges of sorting or healing or evolving can be difficult. It takes time, energy, commitment and patience, and the open mind to learn how to be a new You, to change yourself from the inside out. Being spiritual but not religious.”

People may even discover their own resistance to change within themselves. This is common in fact. But those who persist or insist that self care requires some work and diligence discover that the help of another, a supportive professional, is often wise.

That’s what an integral spiritual life coach is about…. here in the services I offer. The path each of us takes is open to care and concern and healing or growth by one’s intentions towards oneself. “Being spiritual , not religious” is one common way people recognise this dimension of themselves, often in terms of “seeking their authentic selves.

Then a certain amount of coaching for change, or therapy for acceptance, or counseling for understanding, are very helpful. And if they are integrated in the way I offer my practice to you, then that is really super, the best, in my humble opinion.

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