Forgiveness? Or Not..

What if…! changing bad habits of attitude or beliefs or self esteem, as well as hurtful behaviors, came by forgiving oneself of them???


Forgiving myself, forgiving ourselves, is one of the most difficult works we can do with our Selves. It requires “going deep” in our ego pool, past daily conscious life into the subconscious.. and Beyond. By ‘beyond’ I mean what you may call ‘Spirit’ or god by dozens of names, that is Reality, that Truth that hold all truths.

(Do we speak a similar language here? We do perhaps if you are in my website here now and seeking support for your interior life.. call it what you will.)

In any case, forgiveness as the elimination of guilt, is often a formidable task. Reciting a prayer or two rarely is sufficient. Guilt as accountability through law or conscience for true misdeeds of mine/ours is real. Guilt in our born ‘nature,’ our Being, our ‘Is-ness,’ is Not! Guilt often then is an illusion.. a sour or sad feeling with which we beset ourselves unnecessarily. And these two are often confused, mistaken one for the others (not least by traditional Christian doctrine).

This truth is a perspective I bring to you as your Life Coach and spiritual therapist. It’s an important distinction; it can effect real progress in your journey of transformation, creating sustainable change, or replacing old harmful habits with new healing and healthy ones. Dualism loves to create hate, xenophobia, and condemning judgment.

Oneness crashes dualism.. making true forgiveness doable. We can practice  this awareness by noticing “triggers,” small and large. Then I can refute them by an in-depth true Forgiveness, focused and to the point.. producing a true heartfelt release, a real burden lifted, a liberating freedom of mind, a happiness with smiles.. as my Life Coaching offers you. 

I can train you to replace the common notion called “dualism” (everything is good/bad, right/wrong, hi/low, out/in, etc) that leads to judging Others by the same energy that we are commonly judging ourselves. It’s noticeable when we hate or despise another for a trait indeed we have within ourselves.

My Coaching includes Spirit’s awareness of this conditioning to judge others like ourselves. My “Oneness” meditation is the space for this awareness that I can share with you, train you in.

As we practice this Oneness Awareness our every day proclivity judgement will dissolve. The means to do so found by stepping into a Oneness/Spirit state of mind, by another name, your Atman. This is different from the accountability or the guilt I recognize if I truly do wrong, a misdeed to my neighbor.

By forgiving myself of ego’s trap in dualism all the self-berating, self loathing, self judgment ends.  Then likewise one can forgive instead of judging others and things constantly.  Practicing this 0neness/Atman sate of mind forms the habit of eliminating illusionary dualism because it is duality that loves to judge, condemn, fear, despise, get angry at, hate.  These are projections of the dualist mind.   Or culture and news media thrive on messaging this fear. It pressures us into the “them/us” divisive mentality that grips so much of the world today. This need not be!

Spiritually minded people need not suffer this trap. Spirit/Atman/Oneness knows not to forgive what is not real guilt. It is a marvelous way to live that my coaching and counsel offers my clients.  It’s easy when you get the hang of it. But it take some training and some practice. Like I said, forgiveness is not easy; it takes skill, depth and knowledge.. available to all.. but not accessed by many.

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