Policies and Fees

Who do I coach?…

As a clinically trained and ordained counselor and internationally certified professional coach, I accept clients locally, nationally and globally, ages 18 and older.  I offer a variety of counseling or coaching opportunities plus meditation training.  You may choose the amount and type that meets your needs. Or we can design a custom program just for you.  50-minute sessions are conducted in person, via telephone or Skype. 

What Does It Cost…

Your coaching experience will be built custom-tailored to your specific needs. The following fees and package rates are paid before beginning an agreed upon number of sessions. Please inquire about these in your initial consult.

TypeSession FeePackage Rate
Individual$85.00/session X  the common
10-12 weeks =
$850 – $1,020.
12- 20 weeks:
$850 to $1,400
Couple$100.00/session12- 20 weeks:
$850 to $1,400

By PayPal
Click here to pay via PayPal

By Check
Mail To:
Charles Benz
4118 Pin Oak Drive
Durham, NC 27707

Please note an additional $20 charge will be levied in the case of NSF checks.

Sign an Agreement …

I do request a written commitment  to reflect my client’s full commitment to the process of coaching for a specific period of time and number of sessions.  Payment in full or partial precedes coaching.  Most clients are coached for 2-4 months usually.   Coached now, you coach yourself in the future!

To begin your coaching, download the  document  “Coaching Agreement”.    Complete and mail it to me with your initial check please.

Confidentiality …

Trust is essential in building this strong alliance. I guarantee that everything you share with me will remain in complete confidence. I do reserve the right to act if I feel that your safety or those around you are in jeopardy.

If ever I say or do anything that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to my attention. Honesty and trust are critical in our coaching relationship. I want to provide an open and safe place for you to come with complete confidence. Likewise, if I feel that I am not able to coach you effectively, or that you would be best served by services other than coaching, I will inform you of this opinion.

Referrals …

I love referrals. With the personal nature of this alliance, being referred is one of the greatest compliments I can receive from you. If three people complete an Initial Consult with me by your referral OR if you refer someone and they enter into a coaching agreement, you will receive a complimentary bonus session.

Changes and Cancellations…

Please call 919.321.1169 at your scheduled time.  You have reserved this time for yourself. If I have not received a call from you and am unable to reach you by 15 minutes past the specified time, the session will be forfeited and a refund will not be available. This is in consideration of my time and yours and of clients who may be scheduled immediately following your session.If you would like to reschedule a session or cancel a session, please give me 24 hours notice.  I will extend the same courtesy to you if I need to reschedule. I understand that we all have busy lives and every effort will be made to accommodate changes when necessary.  There may be times when I am away from the office during our scheduled sessions. During these times, I will call you for the session.

Liability …

Legally our coaching agreement or contract is an “at-will” alliance and we both reserve the right to terminate this partnership at any time. All actions and decisions are yours and you alone are responsible for the results of these choices. As your coach, I will encourage, motivate, guide and help you achieve your successes. The real work is yours; how far you go and how fast you get there is up to you.

“I am not a PhD. psychologist. I am a internationally Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and clinically trained counselor.  I help people learn how to use coaching skills in their lives in areas they choose to address. I work with my clients in a holistic fashion to help each of them incorporate their values and positive beliefs more deeply into their everyday lives and the specific goals they set for themselves.”
C.F. Benz, CPC

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