“I’m spiritual, not religious.”

Today it’s OK to be “spiritual” again. Roughly within the Boomers birth period, 1946 to 1964, our epoch includes the opportunity for unprecedented transcendence into our very own True Self(ves.) New definitions of religion and spirituality began to be born like never ever before. Some things were included in those definitions; others meanings were transcended in them.

It is hard to imagine perhaps that an entire new evolutionary stage of mind began in this time period. But it is not difficult to recall the many social and technological changes that occurred that began in the Boomers lifetimes. These changes were not only in America. As a leading edge Baby Boomer, born in ’48, I rode the crest of these waves of change. We all are still living in those changes and seeing their repercussions.

The changes in religious terms were just as big .. from the Roman’s Vatican II making the mass in English to the rise of cults like Jim Jones, the invasion of Eastern gurus into America, the phenomenon of Transcendental Meditation, to the hippy’s embrace of psychedelics like LSD and mescaline and marijuana AS religious states of mind, .. all these trends were unprecedented AS SHIFTS IN SPIRITUALITY OR CONSCIOUSNESS. They tore down the fairly monochrome, traditional or conventional, way of seeing religion only according to its institutional or its organizational exterior.

And those changes became global. This was the beginning of the the “Spiritual Not Religious” mentality. It is a perspective that honors and indeed insists on Diversity of belief. “You do your thing: I”ll do mine,” became the new ethic, an entirely new ethos. People began to see everything this way. It also became known as “holistic” thinking because the interrelationship of different field of knowledge came to be acknowledged as well.

Religion, spirituality, and consciousnesses were evolving, and rapidly. Those who felt, acted and reflected on these changes were the new “Spiritual, not religious” people of today, of any age, certainly not just Boomers. They, we, learned to include but also transcended their former meanings in ways both individual and collective, interior and exterior.

All this includes the possibility of spiritual therapy, spiritual coaching, or spiritual therapy coaching for those who had difficult or made mistakes that hurt. These epochal changes were complex. Perspectives clashed, families and groups disagreed. Socially and among intellect of all kinds question, chaos or confusion tore down old walls of Belief.

And sometimes those with questions or personal difficulty or a vision to make something new in this “new era” spiritual realm of meaning are helped by support, .. knowledgeable or professional support from a “Spiritual Therapy Coach.” Questions and vision are welcome here. All coaching is Life Coaching after a few sessions. It is our Beliefs that make our spirituality at this level of our minds.

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