Forgiveness? Or Not..

What if…! changing bad habits of attitude or beliefs or self esteem, as well as hurtful behaviors, came by forgiving oneself of them??? But…. Forgiving myself, forgiving ourselves, is one of the most difficult works we can do with our Selves. It requires “going deep” in our ego pool, past daily conscious life into the […]

Meditation Practice

Meditation furthers our awareness and Consciousness to move us toward any goal or intention. My coaching integrates meditation, directly and/or indirectly throughout our work together. Whatever spirituality means to you.. learn how to meditate, is my recommendation.. practice self aware mindfulness.  The meditation practice in which I coach you will connect you to guiltless Unity/Oneness, your authentic […]

The Integral ‘Us’

God, Spirit, Oneness, Emptiness, the Ground of Being .. these are among many names is this ‘bigger’ deeper wider emergent awareness we call Consciousness. To discover the elements of irreducible Truth, Beauty and Goodness in Consciousness is what it means to be “spiritual but not religious“ at its core.  The discovery of your Consciousness, like mine, […]

Soul Work

‘Soul’ or ‘pneuma’ (breath) has a very long history of meaning in literary and religious contexts, East and West. What I mean by ‘soul’ is the dynamic indefinable place within our Selves that we experience as a mysterious containing energy that amkes meaning for us!. It is the palce of conjunction, of meeting between our […]

Spirituality as Consciousness

Welcome to “Spiritual Not Religious” coaching and therapy.  The focus here is finally on what makes you smile, what makes you genuinely authentically happy.  My calling is to support the objectives in your life as you pursue these common universal goals in our diverse ways.  “Easier said than done however,” as the saying goes.  But that IS the singular […]


“I’m spiritual, not religious.” Today it’s OK to be “spiritual” again. Roughly within the Boomers birth period, 1946 to 1964, our epoch includes the opportunity for unprecedented transcendence into our very own True Self(ves.) New definitions of religion and spirituality began to be born like never ever before. Some things were included in those definitions; […]