Charles Benz, CPC, M.Div.

My professional background is both traditional and alternative, secular and sacred. I’m an ordained Episcopal priest and a former executive in corporate consulting and non-profit development. I earned certification as a Professional Life Coach in 2010.

Since age fifteen I have been “seeker,” a lifelong student of comparative religion, mysticism, philosophy and the psychology of religion in traditions from ancient to postmodern. I’ve aerned to two earned Master’s degrees, I am trained in clinical pastoral counseling, and Positive Psychology life coaching and alternative healing modalities such as the Lion Goodman’s Gestalt-based “Belief Closet.” My studied, consciously evolved, worldview is in Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, the greatest “Map of Consciousness” or postmodern metatheory ever conceived.

Within that spiritual philosophy my healing therapeutic client practice is couched in the knowledge of ancient and modern mythology and gnosticism and the religious traditions of West and East. All of these elements integrate psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and science in my work for you. In addition I am a senior nationally certified non-profit development executive and trained Haldane career consultant. {see my Testimonials}

My personal ongoing spiritual practice includes daily Silva Mind Control meditation, Ashtanga (meditation) Yoga, Vedic Sanskrit Kirtan chanting, lifelong relevant learning and other mindful exercises.

My belief statement is: “The health of our self aware awakened conscious life is in making the most of the accumulation of our every day life journey. As I have done to transform myself, I guide others to do for themselves.”

Please fell free at any time to ask me any questions you have regarding my practice or background.

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Charles “Chaz” Benz


“May all the beings everywhere be happy and free
and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
contribute to the happiness and freedom of all.”